It’s not (just) because you’re racist

unfriendI kicked a whole lot of people to the curb during this election, especially toward the end. For all the Lord of the Rings geeks, remember the Battle of the Pelennor Fields when the dead men of Dunharrow showed up and cleaned house? There’s this scene at the very end of this clip (like 4:10) where they’re just wiping out whatever orcs and oliphants are left. That pretty much illustrates where I am with any Trump supporters still on my ‘Friends’ list.

And yes, I deleted them because they’re racist. And while that would have been — and was — reason enough, there actually are a few more reasons I Dunharrowed them. If you voted for Trump and are reading this, I just haven’t outed you yet. Not that you care, but please know it’s not just because you’re a racist, there are four other reasons I’ll unfriend you:

  1. You’re a racist. I know I already said that. But since it’s such a big part of my disavowal, it bears repeating. In case you’re confused, Trump is a racist. He didn’t ‘say those things just to get elected’. As far back as 1989, he was trying to incite a judicial lynch mob with newspaper ads against the Central Park Five. And he didn’t back down even when DNA proved he was wrong. Then there’s that wall (Mexicans), the screening (Muslims), and all us poor, rejected, uneducated, homeless  Black people. If you voted for him, you’re ok with that, which, by default, means you are that.
  2. You’re a misogynist. How does Trump abuse women? Let me count the ways. Actually, I won’t. There are too many. But that whole grabbing the P thing? Rape thing? Sufficient. If you voted for him, you’re ok with that, which, by default, means you are that.
  3. You’re anti-intellectual.  Your candidate is proud of the fact he doesn’t read books, but takes his own counsel because he has “a very good brain” and “has said a lot of things.”  Climate change? Not real. Vocabulary? Trump, 200 words. Koko the gorilla, 1,000. That’s about the vocabulary of a three-year old, which means Trump’s vocabulary is about that of a seven-month-six-day year old.  That doesn’t work for me. It’s ok to be stupid. It’s not ok to embrace being stupid. Ignorance is a condition. Stupidity is a choice. And I don’t play well with stupid. If you voted for him, you’re ok with that, which, by default, means you are that.
  4. You’re childish. Trump tweets. He’s whiney, he’s mean, he’s defensive. He’s two! Wait. No, he’s seven-months-six-days.  If you voted for him, you’re ok with that, which, by default, means you are that.

In a normal election, I would simply suggest we agree to disagree. But this election was no parts of normal. That’s actually our mistake: we keep trying to normalize this insanity. If you normalize crazy, crazy becomes the norm.

Intellectually, I know I should choose understanding over unfriending. I should try to keep a dialogue going because the one hope we have for change is people connecting and communicating. But, well, no. Like I said in my last post, trying to deal with people who think it’s ok to give America’s highest office to a racist mysogynist who is happy to be stupid because he’s two, is a waste of time, energy and sanity. And Goddess knows, I’m gonna need all three to get through the next four.

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