I’m just tired

This morning, I woke up tired.

I do that a lot these days.

The problem’s not too little sleep.

The problem is being too woke.


I’m just tired.

Tired of Black people dying when policeman fear for their lives.

Tired of policemen dying when Black people fear for ours.

Tired of explaining privilege to those who deny it exists.

Tired of existing beneath it with frustrations I can’t explain.

Tired of war and warmongers.

Tired of fighting and hate.

Tired of the lies and the liars.

Tired of political pap.

Tired of “American dream” myths.

Tired of the nightmare truths.

Tired of “real change is coming.”

Tired of hoping it will.

Tired of gun rights being religion.

Tired of no rights to my own womb.

Tired of “Let’s Make America great.”

Tired ’cause we already did.

I’m just tired.