I’m back…

The last post I made to this site before today was in January 2017. I was running my own business, working on my master’s and trying to take care of my mama. I just didn’t have time to write anything I wasn’t getting paid for. Plus, my posts were way too long.

Then, in May of 2017, I went to work for UPS. I decided I probably should tone things down a bit. So, I stopped writing on this platform altogether. Life got busier – TED, an expanded role at UPS, a new side hustle, and mama got sicker.

Then, the other day, I got a notice that my domain name was expiring. I thought about just letting it go — why spend $100 on something I didn’t even use? But when I went to the site and saw my last post was in January 2017, I thought about all that’s happened since then…George Floyd and so many more, murdered. Trump. BLM. People in the streets. The pandemic. New job. Expanded side hustle. January 6. And mama, gone.

I renewed my subscription. I’ll focus on frequency over length. I’ll stay unapologetically Black. I’ll write and shout as loud and long as I’m able. Because nothing changes unless we change it. And I owe it to my mama.