Oh, yes he did

n-wordIn a recent podcast interview, President Obama did something racists have done ad infinitum and rappers do ad nauseum. He said ‘nigger.’

Specifically, during an interview for a WTF With Marc Maron podcast, he said: “We’re not cured of it. And it’s not just a matter of it not being polite to say nigger in public. That’s not the measure of whether racism still exists or not.” He didn’t say ‘the n-word’. He didn’t say ‘racial slurs’. He said nigger. Oh, yes he did.

Not surprisingly, several Fox News pundits have weighed in, positing such scenarios as President Obama dropping the word during his State of the Union address — and confirming Point 1 of my 7 Points About Racism. The word is not the problem. Calling a Black person the word is a problem, but that’s not what he did. However, the word certainly gives them something to talk about instead of things like the all those heretofore unknown donations to Republican campaigns from the Council of Conservative Citizens.

They didn’t hear a single other word he said. These people go to extraordinary lengths to criticize President Obama. To the point of lunacy, actually. What they don’t see is just how stupid they sound. Arguments — good ones — are logical, and that makes them easy to build. When you have to work really hard by stringing together a bunch of random facts, cherry-picking history, ignoring what’s right in front of your face, focusing on the irrelevant and blowing it out of proportion, it’s probably time to check your inferences. As a writer, one thing I’ve learned is if a project is way too hard, if it just won’t come together at all, it’s usually time to reexamine the premise.

Personally, I’m glad he said it. It makes people uncomfortable. And that’s exactly what racism should be — uncomfortable. Unbearable is better, but that’s our reach state-of-being.

7 Points about racism (IMHO)

1. Racists are stupid.

The definition of stupid is, “lacking intelligence or common sense.” Not crazy, not depressed, not nostalgic, not misinformed. Stupid. Wily enough to string together random facts but lacking the intelligence to avoid non sequitur. Erudite enough to invoke history but obdurate enough to revise it. Accepting traditional ‘truths’ while lacking the common sense to know when they aren’t. You see facts and you ignore them. And what’s worse is you’re happy being stupid. Not willing to learn. And don’t kid yourself: racism is not the domain of the uneducated, the high school dropouts. Presidents, senators, CEOs, professors, doctors, lawyers — all can be and many are racist. Ignorance is a condition; stupidity is a choice. When White people appropriate Black culture for their own ends, they aren’t crazy or transracial. They are greedy, opportunistic and exploitive. When White people kill Black people just because they want to, they’re not crazy, depressed, or scared. They are evil. I hope they burn in hell right after they die in prison. I don’t forgive.

2. Racism is the American way.

This country was built on and by slavery, and this country is determined to protect that foundation. It isn’t changing because you (I’m not going to say ‘we’ to make you feel better) don’t want to change it. In fact, you institutionalized it. You advocate for it. You obfuscate it. You romanticize it. You deny it. You impotently despair of it. You give up on it. You accept it.

3. White privilege is the problem.

Look, I get it – privilege is good. It’s not something anyone alive asked for. And it’s not something easily relinquished. If Black folks had it, would we want to hold on to it? Absolutely. Would we pray about it and decide to give it up for your sake? Absolutely not. And our protestations about wanting to end racism while enjoying that privilege would be the same bullshit. Bottom line is this: White people created racism, White people have to end it. We can protest, educate, explain and define all day and it will do nothing but wear us down and make you feel a little better if you’re one of those who listens.

4. Black people can’t be racist.

We can be prejudiced, small-minded and pissed but not racist. Not because we’re better morally, but because racism is prejudice PLUS power. And, for the most part, we don’t wield the power.

5. When it comes to racism, there is no neutral.

Middle ground is slippery slope. The Confederate flag is a racist symbol. Old South weekend is a racist celebration. Stone Mountain is not a nice place for a cookout – it is racists carved in stone. Streets and bridges named after racist slaveowners are racist. “Logical” arguments that place the blame for our situation on our moral failings while ignoring the immoral history that created the situation are spurious, illogical – and racist. If the words “dixie” and/or “plantation” are in the name, the name is racist. Microaggressions? Racist. Conservative apologists? Racists.

6. White-on-black racism is the worst.

I know we aren’t the only ones who have been discriminated against. But NOBODY else has caught and continues to catch the hell we do. NOBODY else has been reduced to the level of subhuman. So, while I can appreciate what other races, genders and subjects of discrimination endure, don’t you dare bring that up to me until cops start killing you and dragging your children by the hair or White people blow and/or shoot up your churches and then blame YOU for bringing it on yourselves. I. Don’t. Want. To. Hear. About. What. You. Endure. Too.

7. Racism has a cure.

Racism didn’t create slavery; slavery created racism. It was an economical, political and societal construct engineered to justify, perpetuate and expand white privilege. And that means it CAN be undone. Not quickly, but eventually. I have some ideas about how and I’m starting work with some of the smartest people out there to do it. Stay tuned.